Imagine a pet fence system that Links to your smart phone. That monitors your pet’s behavior and sends you a notification if a setting needs to be changed. A setting you send to your dog’s collar with a quick click.

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We are a local business serving Centre, Blair and Clearfield counties. We offer high quality indoor and outdoor pet fence systems for both dogs and cats along with customized installation and professional training.

Pet safety fence systems offer safety and security for your pets when outdoors without the expense and blocked views of traditional fencing. We can customize your pet fence system to allow your pet to access where YOU want them to go while protecting fragile landscapes and preventing pet injury.

As pet owners ourselves, we understand the care and concern needed for keeping your pets safe and protected. Our dedication to your pet’s overall well-being goes “hand in paw” with the most secure electronic pet fence system on the market. While many similar dog fence systems are available, only PET STOP systems are manufactured here in Pennsylvania with imported parts with state of the art technology – it’s the best fence you’ll never see!®

In addition to our outstanding installation, service and “Gentle Steps” training methods for PET STOP brand pet fencing, we also service and upgrade other brands of pet fencing including the best known brand like Pet Safe®. PET STOP products can be programmed to be compatible with most of our competitors’ products.

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