How does Pet Stop work

These two layouts are the most common installations of pet fences we provide. Each unique property can be customized as needed.

Note: the yellow areas are the warning zones where the receiver will activate with a tone. On average, dogs will avoid even the warning zone by a few feet once they are trained!

Full Perimeter Loop

The most common installation layout is a Full Perimeter loop. The wire of the pet fence is installed completely around your property giving your pet free range in your yard.

Figure 8 or “Hour Glass”

The second most common installation is what is called our figure 8 or hourglass. The wire is installed around the property just like the full perimeter loop only with a pinch in the middle by the house creating 2 zones. This allows the dog only in the backyard or the front yard, letting you control where your dog goes on the property.

We have designed and installed many customer and pet friendly Pet Stop Pet Fence Systems that are geared towards where the customer does or does not want their pet to be in the house (living rooms, dining rooms, upstairs, garbage or in the litter box) and on their property (garden beds, ponds, pools and driveways). We can customize your dog fence system to most any design you would like and create the perfect solution.

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